Construction Materials Field & Laboratory Testing


  • Sampling, AASHTO T-2 (ASTM D75)
  • Moisture, AASHTO T-255(ASTM C566)
  • Fracture of Coarse Aggregate (ASTM D5821)
  • Sample Size Reduction, AASHTO T-248 (ASTM C702)
  • Gradation of Aggregate, AASHTO T-27 (ASTM C136)
  • Washed Aggregate Sample, AASHTO T-11 (ASTM C117)
  • Flat and Elongated Particles (WisDOT modified) (ASTM D4791)
  • Liquid Limit, AASHTO T-89 (ASTM D4318)
  • Plasticity Index, AASHTO T-90 (ASTM D4318)
  • Specific Gravity and Absorption of Fine Aggregate, AASHTO T-84 (ASTM C128)
  • Specific Gravity and Absorption of Coarse Aggregate, AASHTO T-85 (ASTM C127)
  • Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregate (ASTM C40)
  • Unit Weight of Aggregate (ASTM C29)
  • Abrasion of Coarse Aggregate by Los Angeles Machine (ASTM C131)
  • Soundness of Aggregate, Sodium or Magnesium Sulfate (ASTM C88)
  • Freeze / Thaw Soundness of Aggregates (AASHTO T103)
  • Friable Particles in Aggregate (ASTM C142)
  • Lightweight Pieces in Aggregate (ASTM C123)
  • Visual Examination of Chert in Aggregate

Concrete Mix

  • Mix Sampling, AASHTO T-141 (ASTM C172)
  • Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimen, AASHTO T-22 (ASTM C39)
  • Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimen in the Field, AASHTO T-23 (ASTM C31)
  • Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimen in the Laboratory, AASHTO R-39 (ASTM C192)
  • Obtaining and Testing Drilled Cores and Sawed Beams, AASHTO T-24 (ASTM C42)
  • Air Meter Calibration, AASHTO T-152 (ASTM C231)
  • Slump, AASHTO T-119 (ASTM 143)
  • Air Content, AASHTO T-152 (ASTM C231)
  • Aggregate Correction, WisDOT modified, AASHTO T-152 (ASTM C231)
  • Flexural Strength of Concrete Using Simple Beam w/Third-Point Loading, AASHTO T-97 (ASTM C78)
  • Splitting Tensile Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimen, AASHTO T-198 (ASTM C496)
  • Capping Cylindrical Concrete Specimens, AASHTO T-231 (ASTM C617)
  • Concrete Temperature, AASHTO T-309 (ASTM 1064)


  • Liquid Limit, AASHTO T-89 (ASTM D4318)
  • Plasticity Index, AASHTO T-90 (ASTM D4318)
  • Standard Proctor, AASHTO T-99 (ASTM D698)
  • Sieve Analysis, AASHTO T-27 (ASTM C136)
  • Dry Preparation of Disturbed Soil and Soil Aggregate Sampling of Test, AASHTO T-87 (ASTM D421)
  • Modified Proctor, AASHTO T-180 (ASTM D1557)
  • Proctor Correction for Coarse Aggregate, AASHTO T-224 (ASTM D4643)
  • Laboratory Determination of Moisture Content of Soils, AASHTO T-265 (ASTM D2216)
  • Amount of Material in Soils Finer than the No. 200 Sieve, AASHTO T-11 (ASTM D1140)
  • Specific Gravity of Soils, AASHTO T-100 (ASTM D854)
  • Particle-Size Analysis of Soils, AASHTO T-88 (ASTM D422)
  • Dispersive Characteristic of Clay Soil by Double Hydrometer (ASTM D4221)
  • Permeability of Granular Soils (ASTM D5084)
  • Permeability of Cohesive Soils (ASTM D5084)
  • Organic Content of Soils (D2974)

Asphalt Mix Testing

  • Mix Sampling for Asphaltic Mixtures (CMM Procedure) (ASTM D979)
  • In-Place Density of Bituminous Concrete by Nuclear Density Method, AASHTO T-310 (ASTM D2950)
  • Asphalt Extractions (WisDOT Test Method 1560) (ASTM D2172)
  • Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity and Density of Hot-Mix Asphalt, AASHTO T209 (ASTM 2041)


  • Compressive Strength of Mortar Cubes (ASTM C109)
  • Compressive Strength of Grout Prisms (ASTM 1019)