Geotechnical Services

BATC offers a variety of geotechnical and engineering consulting field and laboratory services, including  1) soil bearing capacity verification, 2) test pit analysis and documentation to determine site feasibility, 3) pond liner testing and verification to Wisconsin DNR Requirements, 4) concrete and asphalt distress analysis, 5) in-place fill testing to determine site suitability for construction, 6) determination of in-place hydraulic conductivity, 7) laboratory determination of hydraulic conductivity, and more. With our full-service laboratory, we are able to determine compressive strengths of in-tact rock specimens, RQD Values of rock core samples, perform compressive strength of concrete cores from existing structures and pavements, and determine gradation of existing asphalt pavements. We collaborate with owners and clients to determine the best course of action for field failures and recommend preventative construction practices to limit potentials for future failures. As a third-party agency, BATC performs crack and damage surveys to document structure abnormalities prior to and after the completion of the construction of a project near a sensitive structure. We work closely with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and subcommittees in developing and implementing new pilot programs for material testing and offer support when needed in developing specification requirements for newly implemented testing programs. Because we are a third-party agency and work on a wide variety of projects, we have the knowledge and expertise in most aspects of both geotechnical and construction materials testing to assist clients for the most cost-effective solutions prior to, during, and after the completion of construction projects.